Soarlite is the trade name of ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer for injection molding application as engineering plastics.




  1. 1.Extremely high mechanical strength
  2. 2.Antistatic
  3. 3.Low contractility in molding process
  4. 4.Excellent oil and solvent resistance
  5. 5.Small coefficient of thermal expansion
  6. 6.Good abrasion resistance
  7. 7.Excellent molding processability



  • High flow type : S, G30K, G50K
  • General type : M, G25H, G55H
  • High impact resistant type : 50KG, 60KG

Main Applications


  1. 1.Machinery
  2. 2.Automobiles
  3. 3.Precision machines
  4. 4.Light electrical appliances
  5. 5.Construction materials
  6. 6.Leisure equipment
  7. 7.Cosmetic containers

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