Multilayer Non-PVC, Polyolefin cling film for food packaging. Used for most foods including food in restaurants.

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Polyolefin-based multilayer cling filmDIAWRAP™ Clear Film


  • Superior pulling out properties, cutting properties
  • Excellent sticking properties
  • High tensile strength
  • Superior oxygen barrier
  • High heat durability
  • Useable in microwaves and freezers (-60°C up to +160°C)

Polyolefin-based multilayer cling filmDIAWRAP™ Blue Colored Film


  • Same features as clear film
  • The sky blue colored cling film, which has outstanding visibility.
  • It is easier to detect, if a piece of film is mixed into foods. And also in combination with a clear film, different food can be visibility identified.

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