Stretch films used for tray packaging of fresh food. Equipped with excellent gloss / luster properties, self-stickiness, compatibility with automatic packaging machines, meets customer's needs with stable quality.

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Polyolefin, Multilayer co-extrusion Film for Food PackagingDIAWRAP™ SUPER

This polyolefin-based stretch film for food packaging has excellent compatibility with automatic packaging machines, self-adhesive properties, and elastic recovery properties.


  • Since it is not a polyvinyl chloride material, no plasticizer is used in the production of this wrapping film
  • It has been specifically designed in order to pack all kind foods as same quality as PVC wrapping.
  • This products has improved mechanical properties, which ensures a good machinability on major wrapping machines, leading good appealing presentation.

Polyvinyl chloride Stretch Film for Food PackagingDIAWRAP™

This product keeps perishable foods such as fish, vegetables, and meats fresh and enhances the appearance of the food product.


Easy handing for customer

  • Superior stretching property with optimum elasticity
  • High tear and puncture resistance

Excellent presentation

  • Highly glossy and purely transparent film contributes to excellent presentation on the shelf.

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