Rodscope is a regular arrangement of rod lenses on a substrate often used as a key device in compact and lightweight image scanners such as multifunction printers and fax machines that use the contact image scanner (CIS) method.




Refractive Index Distribution Lens with Continuously Molded Technology

Rod lens™ is a rod-shaped refractive index distribution lens in which optical fiber with refractive index distribution properties is cut to a specific length in the radial direction. This rod lens is an extremely unique product as it is the only plastic lens available in the world that can reduce refractive index distribution. Our rodscope product is a one-dimensional arrangement of rod lenses functioning as a single lens. This product is used in more than 90% of home fax machines and continues to be used more and more in other scanning devices such as digital multifunction devices and scanners. We are dedicated to the pursuit of higher resolution devices and conduct research and development to provide an extensive lineup of products made for specific applications through a focus on integrating optical fiber technologies with unique refractive index distribution technologies.

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