METABLEN A type is acrylic-modified PTFE. With small amount of addition, it greatly improves the melt tension that is required in such processing as vacuum molding, foam molding, blow molding and profiling by minimizing increases in melt viscosity without sacrificing the inherent properties of thermoplastics.

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Grade and Properties


Grade Function Effect
A-3000 Processing aid - Improvement of melt tension
- Increase of die swell
- Improvement of surface appearance
- Improvement of filler dispersibility
- Increase of foam expansion ratio
- Anti-dripping
A-3750 Anti-dripping agent
A-3800 Anti-dripping agent
  • *These products are powder.
Grade Overview Base resin A-3000 content
MZX-4 PP master batch Homogenized PP 20%
MZE-4 PE master batch PE 20%



METABLEN A type is an acrylic-modified PTFE, it easily forms fine well-dispersed fibril in molten thermoplastic resin as network structure when kneaded under heating. This effect contributes to better processability of compound.

Fibrils of A-3000
Fibrils of PTFE alone



1. Profile extrusion (Prevention of draw-down, Prevention of edge cutting)


With A-3000

2. Anti-dripping


With A-3800



  • Olefin elastomer extrusion, sheet (improves surface appearance)
  • PP foam sheet (improves surface appearance and expansion ratio)
  • PP profile extrusion (improves surface appearance)
  • Wood powder high filling PP extrusion (improves filler dispersibility and productivity)
  • Anti-dripping for engineering plastics (flame-retardant properties)

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