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  • High brightness
  • Short decay and Low afterglow
  • Various ceramic sizes are available
  • Array processing can be done by the customer
  • Safe for the environment (RoHS free)
  • Resistant to humidity
  • For medical and security, industrial X-ray detector(CT-Scan etc.)




Dual energy

When used as a dual sensor with DRZ sheet products, energy discrimination facilitates detection of hazardous materials.

X-ray Scintillator ScreenDRZ™

Lineup / Specifications


Type Light Output (thickness) After Glow(ppm) Decay time
vs DRZ-High @20ms @100ms
NDT Typ. 0.85 (2.8mmt) <250 <100 <10
※Reference values
Typ. 0.90 (2.0mmt)
Typ. 0.93 (1.4mmt)
Medical Typ. 0.90 (1.6mmt) <35 <20

※L.O. tolerance is negotiable.

Measuring Condition
LO : 80kV,4mAs
AG : 100kV,20mAs

*These data are reference values based on our measurement method and are not guaranteed values.
These values are only a guide and may vary depending on the measurement method.

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X-ray Scintillator Ceramics GOS Ceramic Plate

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