ZEBREX™ is a cutting-edge zeolite membrane dehydration process. With a proven track-record at over 70 plants in the world, the combination of dehydration devices with ZEBREX™ zeolite membranes for bioethanol manufacturing processes can contribute to energy-saving and increased production. It is also best suited for processes for collecting and dehydrating solvents such as NMP (N-Methyl -2-Pyrrolidone), isopropanol, and ethanol.




ZEBREX™ (zeolite membrane dehydration process) increases production capacity.

The ZEBREX™ dehydration system is expected to increase production capacity by 15–25% compared to the PSA process (pressure swing adsorption method, which is frequently used at existing bioethanol plants).


Distillation and PSA


Distillation and ZEBREX

ZEBREX™ (zeolite membrane dehydration process) reduces energy cost.

  • ZEBREX™ reduces overall operation cost compared to a conventional PSA process.
  • The ZEBREX™ dehydration system does not require the regeneration because it is able to continuously separate water and ethanol, while the conventional PSA process uses considerable energy. For this reason it is able to reduce steam consumption (utility costs) significantly compared to the PSA process.

[OPEX comparison and targeting]

OPEX comparison and targeting

ZEBREX™ (zeolite membrane dehydration process) is easy to install and start up.

  • ZEBREX™units are mounted on a skid for easy field installation.
  • ZEBREX™ process eliminates energy intensive pre-drying operation associated with the PSA process.

[Packaged drop-in skid mounted units]

Packaged drop-in skid mounted units

①2nd-No.1 ②2nd-No.2 ③2nd-No.3 ④1st-No.1 Module ⑤1st-No.2 Module ⑥1st-No.3 Membrane Module  ⑦⑧Membrane  ⑨No.1 Permeate Condenser ⑩No.1 Permeate Tank   ⑪Vapor Compressor  ⑫No.2 Condenser ⑬Permeate ⑭No.2 Permeate Tank   ⑮Permeate Pump ⑯Vacuum Pump

ZEBREX™ can improve your ethanol plant profitability


For EP3 approved plants
ZEBREX™ increases production with a low CAPEX.
ZEBREX™ ensures future low energy compliance.

For EP3 applicants
ZEBREX™ helps EP3 qualification by lowering energy consumption.
ZEBREX™ increases production at low CAPEX.

Solvent Dehydration


Separation by Membrane


Ethanol and water are separated by the sharp selectivity of the zeolite, to produce 99.5% purity ethanol and recycle water in a single pass.

[Ex.Water/Ethanol separation]


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