MOSMITE™ is a biomimetic material mimicking the fine uneven structure of moth eyes. It is a low-reflective film utilizing the antireflective properties of fine nanoscale protrusions. By applying the product onto glass and acrylic materials, glare may be reduced to a virtually reflection-free level.




What is MOSMITE™?

MOSMITE™ is a film developed by Mitsubishi Chemical jointly with Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology (now Kanagawa Science and Innovation Center). There are small protrusions which size is 100nm (0.0000001m), occurring close together on the surface of the compound eyes of moths (generally called moth-eye structure). Most moths are nocturnal and effectively capture the limited nighttime light. It is thought that their eyes evolved so as to suppress reflections to the maximum degree.

By suppressing surface reflections, high transparency can be achieved. This characteristic is effective for picture frames and panels to prevent droplet infections. In addition, the product is used to minimize internal reflections in vehicle-mounted displays and medical monitors.
MOSMITE™ has a hydrophilic surface (approx. 20° water contact angle) and antifog properties.

Low-reflection acrylic sheet with MOSMITE™ (left half)

MOSMITE™ surface view

MOSMITE™ (left half)

MOSMITE™ Antireflection Principle

MOSMITE™ has a structure in which protrusions smaller than 380-780nm wavelength of visible light are lined up close together. Light reflections are suppressed by means of continuous changes in the refractive index from the air layer to the film.

Due to reflections of light both on the surface and on the reverse side even with transparent acrylic sheets and glass sheets, transmittance of visible light is approximately 92%.

By applying MOSMITE™, reflections can be suppressed to achieve highly-transparency in materials.
MOSMITE™ has low reflection over a wide wavelength range and therefore has little reflective hue and a wide visibility angle.

MOSMITE™ Product


The configuration of MOSMITE™ products mass-produced for vehicle-mounted displays and other applications.

Configuration of MOSMITE™ products

Typical characteristics of MOSMITE™ BA080M2C

Product MOSMITE™ BA080M2C
Base film SRF-type PET
Product roll size 600mm wide × 200m length
(standard mass-produced product)
Luminous reflectance 0.2%
Total light transmittance 95.3%
Haze value 0.5%
Glass bonding strength >10N/25mm

※The data shown above are typical values and not guaranteed values.
※Reflectance was measured with the product on a black acrylic sheet.
※Total light transmittance/haze was measured by adhering the product on one side of a glass sheet.

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There are various other applications in addition to vehicle-mounted displays and picture frames. Please consult us for product specifications and other applications.

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