Dear Valued Customers:
We have decided to discontinue sales of HISHITUBE™ (all grades listed below) at the end of September 2024.
We have closed the final orders at the end of September 2023.

Tubular plastic tube that shrinks when heated for easy coating. The product is widely used in such applications as insulation, color-coding, protection and falsification prevention.
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Fire-resistant rigid PVC-based heat-shrinkable tubeHISHITUBE™ VW (CE) (DE)

HISHITUBE VW (CE) (DE) is a fire-resistant PVC-based heat-shrinkable tube certified by the VW-1 standard of UL-224 (UL File No. E90727). The product is suitable for not only the exterior of aluminum electrolytic capacitors but also protection and insulation of electronic parts and secondary batteries.

Soft PVC-based heat-shrinkable tubeHISHITUBE™ IE (general purpose tube)

HISHITUBE IE (general-purpose tube) is a soft PVC-based heat-shrinkable tube with a range of diameters from small 5mm to large 240mm.

PVC-based heat-shrinkable tubeHISHITUBE™ GE

HISHITUBE GE is a PVC-based heat-shrinkable tube, offering a wide selection of sizes for different applications (custom orders).

Soft PVC-based heat-shrinkable tubeHISHITUBE™ UGEB

HISHITUBE UGEB is a soft PVC-based heat-shrinkable tube used for insulation of electric cable terminals and bundling of electric cables.

PVC-based heat-shrinkable tubeHISHITUBE™ Clothes-pole Cover E

Simple to use at home as coating, Clothes-pole Cover E is applied for protection and rust protection of bamboo and steel pipe poles.

Polyolefin-based Heat-shrinkable TubeHISHITUBE™ L

HISHITUBE L is a heat-shrinkable tube made from non-PVC vinyl resin made from a polyolefin-based resin raw material.

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