MOSMITE is a biomimetic material made with our unique technology that mimics the fine structure of moth eyes. This fine, nanostructure surface exhibits antireflective properties.




What is MOSMITE?

Mitsubishi Chemical and KAST (Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology) are jointly developing technology of roll to roll printing process, it realizes to produce wide and seamless Moth-Eyes type anti-reflective film MOSMITE.

MOSMITE has a remarkable anti-reflective ability due to characteristic optical structure.

You can reduce glare from external light to produce a sharper view of landscapes, images and showpieces. The contrast of the images and showpieces improves, and the color looks clear. You can reduce reflection loss on front panels to improve light output efficiency.

Surface structure of MOSMITE

Principle of Moth-Eyes type anti-reflection

MOSMITE has regularly organized hundred-nanometer scale bumps on the surface. The reflective index is continuously variant from the surface to the bottom direction, therefore light reflection hardly happen on MOSMITE.

Clearer visual images of flat displays (LCD, OLED, PDP, etc.) and mobile devices (Portable Game, Mobile Phone, etc.) can be achieved by using MOSMITE attached front panels.

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