This gas diffusion layer base material is used with fuel cells. We offer carbon paper products developed using carbon fiber and composite materials technologies.


Brief description of fuel cell gas diffusion base material (GDL)


Fuel cell structure and GDL

Fuel cell gas diffusion layer base material

Fuel cell gas diffusion layer base material (GDL) is a multi-functional material used to supply hydrogen and air (fuel) to the electrode (catalyst), collect electrons produced by the chemical reaction with the electrode, and drain moisture on the electrolytic membrane and water generated by the process. Carbon paper and carbon cloth is generally used due to various requirements including gas permeability, conductivity, acid resistance, and mechanical strength.



  • We are the first company in the world to offer such product in roll form.
  • The carbon paper product has excellent surface smoothness.
  • This material has a porous structure to improve moisture control functionality.
  • This material has excellent roll-to-roll post-processability.

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