14BG (1,4-Butanediol) is a straight chain glycol with hydroxyl groups on both ends. It is used as a raw material for high performance polyester and polyurethane resins as well as for industrial chemicals like tetrahydrofuran and gamma-butyrolactone. Since 1982, Mitsubishi Chemical's Yokkaichi plant has produced high-purity, high-quality 14BG from butadiene using our proprietary technology.

  • CAS: No. 110-63-4 (T)
  • EINECS: No. 203-786-5
  • Japan, Chemical Substances Control Law: METI-No. 2-235
  • Japan, Industrial Safety and Health Law: No. 2-235
  • Japan, Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law: Not applicable.
  • Japan, Fire Services Law: Hazardous material Class 4 Petroleums No.3 (water-soluble liquid).




14BG (1,4-Butanediol (BDO), 1,4-Butylene glycol (BG), 1,4-Dihydroxy butane, Tetramethylene glycol (TMG)) is the 4-carbon atoms straight-chain glycol (diol, dihydric alcohol) with a hydroxyl groups at both ends.

Common Names 1,4-Butanediol
1,4-Butylene Glycol
Tetramethylene Glycol
Structure 14BG
CAS No. 110-63-4
Japan, Chemical Substances Control Law METI-No. (2)-235
Japan, Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law Not applicable
Japan, Fire Services Law Hazardous material Class 4 Petroleums No.3, water-soluble, Hazardous Rank III
Molecular Weight 90.1
Appearance Clear colorless liquid (wax-like solid when cold)
Odor Faint
Specific Gravity (25/4℃) 1.012
Viscosity(mPa・s) 65(at 25℃)
Boiling Point (℃) 228
Freezing Point (℃) 20.1
Flash Point (℃) 134
Vapor pressure (kPa) 0.001(27℃)
Heat of Vaporization (kJ/mol) 64.9(228℃)
Heat capacity (kJ/kg・K) 2.21(25℃)
Thermal conductivity (W/m・K) 0.22(25℃)
Volume resistivity (Ω • cm) 2.2×107(23℃)

Mitsubishi Chemical's 14BG (1,4-Butanediol (BDO), 1,4-Butylene glycol (BG), 1,4-Dihydroxy butane, Tetramethylene glycol (TMG)) is synthesized from butadiene using our proprietary technology.  It is used as a raw material for various synthetic resins of controllable color.  Using thorough quality control, 14BG can be offered with low moisture content.



14BG (1,4-Butanediol (BDO), 1,4-Butylene glycol (BG), 1,4-Dihydroxy butane, Tetramethylene glycol (TMG)) is a raw material for polyester and polyurethane resins (chain extender, hard segment) that show excellent characteristics.
These products find a wide range of applications including everyday consumer products such as clothing and shoe soles, consumer durables such as electrical appliances and cars, industrial materials such as machine parts, as well as medical products. It is anticipated that the use of these polymers will continue to expand.

Main Applications

  • PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) Resin Raw Material
    Because 14BG diol (dibasic alcohol) is used as a raw materail, PBT is a great engineering plastic with low water-absorbance and an excellent balance of mechanical and electrical properties.  Applications are expanding beyond the original electrical/electronic parts and automotive parts markets.
  • Polyurethane Resin Raw Material
    By using 14BG diol for the chain extender, urethane elastomers can be made with excellent mechanical properties and high resistances to heat, oil, and impact.
  • Other Polyester Raw Materials
    14BG is widely used to make various polyester resins and plasticizers.
  • Raw Material for Industrial Chemicals (Tetrahydrofuran, Gamma-Butyrolactone)
    Tetrahydrofuran and gamma-butyrolactone are produced indutrially by dehydration or dehydrogenation of 14BG.

Storage and Handling

14BG is hygroscopic and will be degraded by oxygen, so the storage container should be sealed with dry nitrogen.  It is recommended that storage be at 25-40℃.  Below 20℃ 14BG will be solid, but can be mellted by careful heating.  To melt solidified 14BG in drums, hold overnight at 50-70℃.  14BG is classified under the Japanese Fire Services Act as a hazardous material, Class 4, Petroleums No.3, water soluble, Hazardous Rank III.  Volatility is low, and 14BG is unlikely to catch fire by itself at room temperature.  However, in case it is burning, dry chemical, foam (alcohol resistant), or large amounts of water are effective.  14BG has relatively low toxicity and is a relatively safe chemical.  When handling, however, protective equipment such as protective gloves and goggles should be worn.



Product Specifications

Item Specification
Hue (Hazen) <10
Moisture (%) <0.05
Specific Gravity (25/4℃) 1.012 - 1.016
Purity (%) >99.5

Available Quantities

ISO Container 19ton
Tanker Truckload (Lorry) 10ton / 13ton
Drum 200kg
Oilcan 18kg

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