We maximizes the potential of acrylic resin as a coating material

Based on the basic features of acrylic resin such as "transparency" and "high weather resistance," Mitsubishi Chemical contributes to solving customers' problems with its abundant product lineup and prompt and comprehensive customer service.
Utilizing our own methacrylate monomers, we produce and sell globally competitive and stable quality products.
Our resins are being used in a wide range of applications such as paints, inks, and adhesives.



Transparent and Highly Weather Resistant

We provide various types of copolymers by applying the transparency and high weather resistance of acrylic resin to paints, inks, adhesives, and other applications.

Various Product Line-up

We can provide samples and sell our products from small quantities.We have a wide range of products, from products that have been used in many applications around the world to products that are not in our catalog.

Custom-made resin design

Based on our extensive resin design experience, we can also design custom-made resins to meet your needs.



Beads resin is methacrylic resin in solid bead form, which is non-hazardous and easy to transport and store. The customers can select the solvent and design the coating materials. We can sell from catalog products, so please use this product for your initial consideration of coating materials.

Powder Resin

Powder resin is methacrylic resin in powder form, which is non-hazardous and easy to transport and store. We have binders for plastisol and additives for toughness.

Liquid Resin

Liquid resin is solvent-based acrylic resin produced by solution polymerization. We can design polymers with a wide range of properties through optimal selection from a wide variety of monomers and polymer structure control.

Emulsion Resin

Emulsion resin is water-based resin produced by emulsion polymerization. Our line of products includes acrylic resins, acrylic-silicone resins, acrylic-urethane resins, acrylic-olefin resins, and organic-inorganic hybrid resins, which meets customers' requirements in various applications, mainly for paints.

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