alpha-Methylstyrene is similar to styrene in its polymerization, but if it is used instead of styrene to make ABS resin, the ABS resin will have better thermal stability. alpha-Methylstyrene is also used as a raw material for paints and adhesives.

  • CAS: No. 98-83-9
  • EINECS: No. 202-705-0
  • Japan, Chemical Substances Control Law: No. 3-5
  • Japan, Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law: Not applicable.
  • Japan, Fire Services Law: Hazardous material Class 4 Petroleums No.2 (non-water-soluble liquid).




alpha-Methylstyrene, like styrene, is an aromatic hydrocarbon compound capable of addition polymerization. It has the following properties.

Common Names α−Methylstyrene,
Structure alpha-Methylstyrene
CAS No 98-83-9
Japan, Chemical Substances Control Law METI-No. 3-5, 3-8
Formula C6H5C(CH3)=CH2
Molecular Weight 118
Appearance Clear Colorless liquid
Melting Point (℃) -23
Boiling Point (℃) 161
Specific Gravity 0.91
Flash Point (℃) 45
Autoignition Temperature (℃) 574
Flammability Range (%) 1.9~6.1

Mitsubishi Chemical's α-Methylstyrene features high purity.



For heat-resistant ABS, it is used instead of styrene.  In addition, it is a raw material for organic compounds used as pigments, paint adhesive agents, etc.  Also it is used as an additive for plastics.

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