Our lineup of PET bottles focuses on meeting the needs of food, seasoning, and alcoholic beverage customers. We are also developing cosmetics, medicine, and industrial applications of our high-barrier bottles originally designed for the food and seasoning industry to preserve freshness and extend shelf life.


General Bottles

These PET bottles are suitable for use as bottles of seasoning such as various dressings and sauces including soy sauce and mirin sauce. In addition to being lightweight, durable, and easy to use, our bottles are available for use in many different applications such as the heat resistant models designed for high-temperature filling processes. Different sizes from tabletop to industrial use are available in our lineup of original standard products. Custom orders are also available upon request.

Bottles with Handles

These highly popular bottles with handles were created to make large PET bottles easier to use. The addition of handles improves handability, and this exceptional design has also helped improved our brand image.
These bottles including the handle are made entirely with PET plastic and so are easily recycled. They are also designed to be lightweight and environmentally friendly through the use of recycled materials.

High-barrier Bottles

Increasing food safety and freshness preservation demands has resulted in a strong demand for significant improvements in barrier performance for food containers. We have incorporated diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating technologies into our high-barrier bottles to significantly improve gas barrier performance. These bottles have oxygen barrier performance of 10 times and water vapor barrier performance of 5 times that of normal PET bottles. Film deposition conditions can be customized for each type of content to provide bottles with barrier performance optimized for specific foods. In addition to the food, condiment, and alcoholic beverage applications, we are also developing cosmetics, medicine, and industrial applications of these bottles.

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