Heat-shrinkable film for labels of PET bottles and packages for food etc.




  • Excellent shrinkable properties

    Our shrinkable films have excellent properties and fit various shapes, profiles of bottles and packaging design after shrinkage. And also, a "full shrink" type can be provided for tighter and neater fitting labels.

  • Superior transparency, clarity and glossiness

    Due to superior transparency, clarity and glossiness, it reproduces the original color tone faithfully when printed and shows products more attractively.

  • Protection of products

    Our shrinkable films can protect your products from scratches, water and UV (UV protection type) and tampering by tight seal around the closure of bottles and caps with labels.

Lineup / Specifications


Polystyrene-based oriented film
DXL™ Film
  • Good appearance after shrinkage
  • Labels easily removed from bottles by perforation
  • Various shrinkable properties available
  • Protection against Ultra Violet radiation
Polyester-based oriented film
  • High shrinkage, excellent shrinkage at low temperature.
  • High stiffness
  • Superior transparency
  • Various shrinkable properties available
  • Type shrinkable in both dimensions is available.
Biomass-based oriented film
  • PLABIO is composed of Poly Lactic Acid and other plastic (not biodegradable)
  • It is registered on BMP Positive List of Japan Bio Plastic Association
  • High stiffness
  • Good appearance after shrinkage
Hybrid oriented film
Hybrex DL™
  • Multi-layering of different materials
  • Good appearance after shrinkage
  • Labels easily removed from bottles by perforation

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  • Heat-shrink Film SDS

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