Known for its excellent transparency and weatherability, as well as its easy recyclability, this acrylic resin has attracted a great deal of attention for environmental considerations. In addition to its use as a material in its own right, MMA monomer is also an important constituent of various compound chemical products.




Chemical name Methyl Methacrylate
Chemical formula

Quality Standards and Reference Values

  Standard Reference value
Number of colors (APHA) 5 or less 5 or less
Specific gravity (20°C/4°C) 0.942 to 0.946 0.944
Free acids (methacrylic acid) % 0.005 or less 0.001
Monomer (GC method) % 99.8 or more 99.9
Moisture content (KF method) % 0.05 or less 0.01
Polymerization inhibitor ppm IA10

General Properties

Molecular weight 100.12
Refractive index (nD20) 1.4152
Viscosity (20°C) mPa・s 0.56
Solidification point °C -48
Specific heat J/(g・°C) 1.89
Polymerization heat kJ/mol 54.4
Boiling point/Vapor pressure °C/hPa 100.8/1013
Solubility (20°C) Percentage into water monomers 0.99
Percentage of monomers into water 1.72
Flash point °C 11
Toxicity (acute oral LD50) mg/kg in rats 7,900
Polymer Tg °C 105


Dangerous Substance Classification [Fire Service Act] Class 4, Type 1 Petroleum (non-water-soluble)
Official Chemical Substance Control Number [Chemical Substance Control Law] (2) -1036
CAS No. 80-62-6
EU EINECS No. 201-297-1
Korea ECL No. KE-25050
China IECSC Listed
Taiwan ECN Listed



  • Manufacturing of plates, rods, and pipe
  • Molding material
  • Paint
  • Dental material
  • Adhesive
  • Fiber processing agent
  • Leather treatment
  • Other

Inquiries Concerning Products

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation MMA
  • TEL:[+81]3-6748-7504

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