LACRIS-S is a Bacillus coagulans for foods separated from the green malt, and with excellent characteristics not seen in general lactic acid bacteria.

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Benefits of spore forming lactic acid bacteria

General lactic acid bacteria have low tolerance to heat and acid, and as such are suitable only for a limited range of processed foods. Spore forming lactic acid bacteria can generate spores and are much more stable, and also more efficient at producing lactic acid. Lactic acid bacteria are thus more suitable for use in a wide range of processed foods and dietary supplements.

B. coagulans SANK 70258 spores preparation was also launched in Japan in 1964 and has a proven track record of safety and efficacy. LACRIS-S is established as a self-determined GRAS in US in 2016.

Fig. 1. Life cycle of bacillus coagulans


LACRIS are highly stable against heat and oxygen to form spores, and have excellent lactic acid-generating performance, to enable use in all manner of foods, starting with processed foods.

Spore forming lactic acid bacteria in the body

Spores enter via the mouth and pass through to the intestinal tract, where they germinate by stimulation of gastric acids and bile. They then begin to proliferate in the form of active trophocyte and produce lactic acid via lactic fermentation.

In the absence of ongoing ingestion of spore forming lactic acid bacteria, the cells begin to die off within about a week and are excreted.

Fig. 2. Bacillus coagulans activity in vivo



General lactic acid bacteria have low stability against heat and oxygen, and so its use in some foods is limited, but LACRIS is highly stable due to its formation of spores, and it also has excellent lactic acid-generating performance, making it usable without modification in all foods, including processed foods.

Health foods

Live lactic acid bacteria are usable in all manner of tablets, capsules, and sticky granules, etc.


Useful in making healthy confectionery.
(E.g.) Candies, gummy drops, baked sweets, chocolates, gum, and jellies, etc.


Daily dose of lactic acid bacteria How about some healthy bread containing lactic acid bacteria on your dining table?
(E.g.) Loaf bread, rolls, etc.

Powdered foods

Yogurts and lactic acid bacteria drinks are also good, but lactic acid bacteria can also be easily added as a supplement to your favorite drinks.
(E.g.) Powdered cocoa, powdered tea, teabags, etc.

Lactic acid bacteria is usable in all processed foods.

Helpful in creating a wide variety of foods.
(E.g.) Margarine, Dressings, lactic acid drinks, sauerkraut (pickles), etc.

Product Lineup


  • Foods: LACRIS-S
  • Animal feed: LACRIS -10


Bacillus coagulans: 5 billion/g min. (excipient: lactose)
Appearance: White to yellowish-white powder
Storage method: Store at room temperature (as far as possible in a cool place) and avoid humidity

LACRIS-S Granules

A formulation of Lacris -S as granules.
This type is more difficult to spatter than existing powder products, and also has better handling for health foods such as granules and tablets.
Bacillus coagulans: 1 billion/g min. (excipient: lactose, dextrin)
Appearance: White to pale yellow granules
Storage method: Store at room temperature (as far as possible in a cool place) and avoid humidity.

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