Ecoloju is a plastic film and sheet made from polylactic acid derived from bio-based resources. This environmentally friendly film and sheet product has become popular and used in various applications.


Polylactic Acid Features


Reduces the emission of carbon dioxide.

Plants perform photosynthesis, which requires carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide generated from the decomposition of biomass and burning is used by plants during the photosynthesis process. Biomass is considered a carbon-neutral material due to creating no net release of carbon dioxide. Use of such material helps improve recycling and environment protection.

  • *Global warming prevention
    Replacing energy sources and products derived from fossil fuels with carbon-neutral materials such as biomass is expected to help Japan reach its greenhouse gas reduction target as determined by the Paris Act.

Helps reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Biomass is a resource that is renewable as long as life and the sun exist. This biomass should help us transition to a sustainable and recycling-based society.

This material reduces to water and carbon dioxide.

Bio-based plastics will degrade naturally into water and carbon dioxide when buried in landfills or dumped into water after use as a form of natural recycling.

Amount of CO2 emissions released when burning polylactic acid

Polylactic acid is the main raw material used in producing bio-derived plastics. As such, the amount of carbon dioxide produced when burned is much less than that of other plastics. Polylactic acid is a particularly safe material.

  • Complies with Ministry of Health and Welfare Public Notice No. 20 regarding the Food Hygiene Law (No. 370)
  • FDA (US Federal Drug Administration) approved
  • Listed as an effective FCN (Food Contact Notification)* in January, 2002

*New FDA food packaging approval scheme that started in January, 2000.

  • *Applicability varies depending on the grade of polylactic acid. Contact us for more information.
  • Listed as one of the plastics in use by the Japan Olefin and Styrene Plastics Association in June, 2004
  • *Applicability varies depending on the grade of polylactic acid. Contact us for more information.



Usage Precautions


  • The main raw material is derived from corn. However, this product is not edible. Do not swallow any part of this product.
  • We have products that are suitable for use with foods and those not suitable for use with food. As such, contact us for confirmation before use.
  • Hands and fingers could be injured by film edges during fabrication and packing processes. Wear protective gloves when handling films.

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