CARBOLEADER is a carbon roller simultaneously realizing lightweight, high stiffness and a high critical number of revolutions. The product is used in a comprehensive range of fields including LCDs, film manufacturing, printing, and papermaking and substantially contributes to improve production quality, acceleration of production speed, and productivity improvement by reduced defect rates and cost reduction.





Highly versatile: Surface processing and treatment same as conventional metal rollers possible

  • Chrome plating (surface metallization by cladding)
  • Various rubber lining treatments
  • Thermal spraying of ceramics

Roller rotational accuracy on the order of microns

  • Unprecedented level of accuracy possible, especially for rollers with small diameter, long length, and high rotational speed, which are difficult to satisfy precision.

High temperature thermal resistance grade

  • Suppresses uneven thermal expansion at high temperatures
  • Field-proven for the long term of such problems as decreased bearing stiffness even after repeated roller replacement of rubber lining.



  • Roller for coater / laminator
  • Roller for Separator
  • Roller for film, nonwoven cloth, and metal leaf
  • Rubber lining roller, button knife roller, rolling core and SV contact roller for slitter
  • Rubbing roller for glass substrate treatment
  • Roller for printer

Roller for coater / laminator

Rubber lining roller for slitter

Winding core

Roller for printer

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  • CARBOLEADER Advanced Carbon Roller (pamphlet)

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