Yupimer™ UV series are functional hard coating materials developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Co., with distinctive technologies. They have various functions such as antistatic, anti-fingerprint, slipperiness, and moldable.




  • High hardness
  • High functionality: Various grades with various functions are available meeting the needs of customers.

Anti-fingerprint and anti-fouling hard coat

Two different types, water/oil repellent and water repellent/ hydrophilic products are available.
With the water/oil repellent type, the water droplets adhered to fingerprints are small, achieving excellent wipe-off performance.
With the water repellent/hydrophilic, fingerprints spread and become thin, making them inconspicuous.

Antistatic hard coat

High antistatic performance thanks to the surface resistivity of 108 Ω.
Boasts excellent continuous antistatic performance (durability).
High transparency compared to conductive inorganic particles.

Slipperiness hard coat

Low surface frictional coefficient with high durability.

Moldable hard coat

We have Pre-UV cure and Post-UV cure type hard coat.
Pre-UV cure coating is non-tacky, capable of film molding.
Post-UV cure coating has high hardness and excellent abrasion-resistance.



  • Anti-fingerprint and Anti-fouling hard coating: Touch panel, Optical film for display
  • Slippery hard coating: Various displays
  • Antistatic hard coating: Optical film for display
  • Moldable hard coating: IMD, IML, hologram

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