Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) Film
Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) Film

Water-soluble plastic films developed by a specialist in chemical materials

Hi-Selon is a water-soluble film made from polyvinyl alcohol.
It is available in a wide range of types, from those that are soluble in cold water to those that are soluble in hot water, to respond to diverse needs.
With its excellent heat-sealing property and printability, Hi-Selon is ideal for use as a packaging material, but it also provides many other advantages, including high solvent resistance and gas barrier performance, which benefit diverse applications and are widely used as materials for packaging agricultural chemicals and pharmaceuticals, hygiene purposes, printing on curved surfaces, and as base materials for wigs and embroidery.





  • Hi-Selon is available in a wide range of grades, from those that are soluble in cold water of around 5℃, to those that are resistant to cold water but are soluble in hot water of around 60℃.
Types Properties
C-type Soluble in cold water of around 5℃: Includes types designed to provide outstanding solubility and types designed to provide strength.
S-type Soluble in cold water of around 5℃: Provides superior alkali resistance.

Heat-sealing performance

  • Hi-Selon's high heat-sealing performance can be applied to producing and processing all types of bags.
  • Superior strength and elasticity makes Hi-Selon ideal for use as a packaging film.

Pasting on other materials

  • Hi-Selon can be pasted onto nonwoven materials and water-disintegrable papers.


  • Hi-Selon allows clear printing using gravure printing machines, for greater freedom of design.
  • It also provides a breakthrough in the technical bottleneck of printing on curved surfaces, which is now possible with hydraulic transfer technology.

Solvent resistance

  • Hi-Selon dissolves in water, but it is resistant to most organic solvents and chemicals.


  • When temporary water resistance is needed, a waterproof coating can be effectively applied over the Hi-Selon film.
  • An adhesive coating can also be applied.

Static resistance

  • Hi-Selon is hydrophilic, so it is more resistant to static electricity compared to other plastic films, and provides excellent workability.

Gas barrier performance

  • Hi-Selon breathes water vapor, but creates a barrier against oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide at low humidity. It also preserves fragrances.



Packages for powdered chemicals

  • By packaging powdered agricultural chemicals in a Hi-Selon package and immersing the entire package in water, they can be dissolved and used in sprays without actually handling them.
  • This eliminates the time and effort spent on measuring out the necessary amount of chemical in the field, as well as promotes worker safety.
  • In addition to agricultural chemicals, Hi-Selon is also used for packaging deodorants, disinfectants, detergents, and concrete admixtures.
  • Some grades provide high solvent resistance for use in packaging liquid chemicals and detergents.

Printing on the curved surfaces of molded objects

  • Hydraulic printing technology allows printing on curved surfaces, for greater freedom of design.

Base material for wigs, embroidery, etc.

  • Hi-Selon is used as a temporary base material for creating embroidery pieces and wigs. In the case of embroidery, lace-like or net-like designs can be made by embroidering the design on a Hi-Selon base material and washing away the base material at the end.

Hygienic material for laundry bags, etc.

  • By using hot water-soluble laundry bags, sheets and clothing can be washed without actually touching them, to reduce the risk of contamination or infection.

Film for greening, tree-planting, seeding, and other agricultural purposes

  • By sprinkling grass seedlings onto a Hi-Selon film and laying the film over a golf course or slope, grass can be grown uniformly over the respective area.
  • Using such seeding films to cultivate agricultural crops (Japanese radish, onions, carrots, etc.) can save labor.

Other applications

  • With some creativity, Hi-Selon can be used in boundless applications.



1.Basic Properties of Hi-Selon

Type Film thickness(μm) Complete dissolution temperature (℃) Tensile strength (MPa) Elongation(%)
C-type 17~60 2~5 26~30 170~380
S-type 20~80 2~5 32~51 170~380
  • Measurement conditions: 20℃, 65% RH
  • The above values are values measured by Mitsubishi Chemical, and are not standard values.

2.Relationship among water temperature, film thickness and dissolution speed

  • Hi-Selon is available in various types, from those that are soluble in cold water to those that are soluble in hot water.
  • Dissolution speed varies according to water temperature, film thickness, and dissolution method.

3.Changes in solubility when packaging alkali substances

  • Hi-Selon S-400 is recommended for packaging alkali substances, as it has a low insolubilization tendency.

4.Heat-sealing temperature and strength (C-200)

  • Hi-Selon can be easily heat-sealed

  • Sealing temperature varies according to film type, moisture content, and type of heat sealer.
※Hi-Selon usage precautions
  • Hi-Selon is hydrophilic. Do not use or store the film in high temperature and humidity. Use Hi-Selon packaging machines in a humidity controlled room.
  • When not in use, tightly wrap Hi-Selon film rolls in polyethylene film. Do not leave them exposed. Hi-Selon film rolls should be left inside a temperature and humidity controlled room for 24 hours before they are mounted on a packaging machine.
  • Preliminary tests should be conducted before using Hi-Selon, because insolubilization may occur depending on the content of the Hi-Selon package.

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