Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) Film

Water-soluble films developed by a specialist in chemical materials

HI-SELON™ is a water-soluble film made from polyvinyl alcohol.
With its excellent heat-sealing property and printability, HI-SELON™ is ideal for use as a packaging materials, but it also provides many other advantages, including high solvent resistance and barrier performance, which are used as materials for packaging of liquid detergent capsules.


HI-SELON™ usage precautions


  • HI-SELON™ is hydrophilic. Do not use or store the film in high temperature and humidity. Use HI-SELON™ packaging machines in a humidity controlled room.
  • When not in use, tightly wrap HI-SELON™ film rolls in polyethylene film. Do not leave them exposed. HI-SELON™ film rolls should be left inside a temperature and humidity controlled room for 24 hours before they are mounted on a packaging machine.
  • Preliminary tests should be conducted before using HI-SELON™, because insolubilization may occur depending on the content of the HI-SELON™ package.

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