Airtight design of houses prevents indoor air from leaking outdoors and at the same time shuts outdoor air off, increasing the effectiveness of air conditioning, contributing to energy saving. Furthermore, airtight sheets prevent vapor generated indoors from entering heat-ray intercepting material, eliminating internal condensation and by maintaining performance of heat-insulating material and assists in the prevention of wood corrosion, improves the durability of houses.

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Permeable Waterproof SheetAUTORL

In combination with a circulation method, the sheet releases moisture in the wall outside and protects the house from rain and wind from the outside.

Permeable Waterproof Sheet AUTORL™ HD

A polyethylene-based highly airtight breathable waterproof sheet for houses that permeates moisture that enters through the wall, while stopping wind and water. As base material, it uses a non-woven fabric to increase thickness by 0.1mm, making installation easier.


  • Releases moisture in the wall to outside
  • Lightweight for better workability
  • Name printing possible

Heat-insulating, moisture-permeable, waterproof sheet AUTORL™ AC

AUTORL AC is added with a heat interception function in addition to conventional functions of breathable waterproof sheets. An aluminum coat layer coated with unique technology reflects radiant heat, alleviating amount of heat that enters indoors.


  • Reduces the amount of heat that comes indoors.
  • Aluminum coat layer is highly durable against heat and humidity.
  • Reduces glare during installation.

Moisture-resistant FilmInbarrier

INBARRIER is a polyethylene-based high performance film developed for air tightness to secure room temperature with a small amount of energy and condensation prevention within the walls, added with excellent durability and moisture resistance. In Sweden, in consideration of the durability of houses, the SPF2000 standard for wall moisture resistant sheets has been established. INBARRIER is developed in compliance with the standard.


  • Excellent durability
  • Increases indoor air tightness performance
  • Superb moisture and water resistance
  • Excellent installation

Pressure-sensitive, Double-sided Inbarrier TapeInbarrier Tape

INBARRIER tape is butyl-based pressure sensitive double-sided tape that improves air tightness in folding of moisture resistant airtight sheets and nail holes by gun tuckers, etc., improving moisture resistant performance.


  • Excellent adhesive performance.
  • Increases adhesive performance at the folding part of moisture resistant sheets or between wall / wood materials and sheets and improves air tightness of rooms.
  • Excellent sealing performance when a nail runs through it.
  • Stable plasticity throughout the year, enabling easy installation for complicated shapes even in winter.


  • Adhesion of wall / wood materials and moisture resistant sheets
  • Sealing of folding parts of moisture resistant airtight sheets


Name Model No. Nominal thickness
Roll length
Number of packages
Shipping unit size
Inbarrier Tape TBW30 0.45 30 20 20 20

Sound Insulation SheetSHAONSTAR

SHAONSTAR is a soft sound-insulating sheet made of special high-density filler-based compound plastic material.


  • Excellent sound-insulating effect
    Leaks little sound from the outside or generated indoors, resulting in a comfortable living environment
  • Easy installation.
    Can be cut with a cutter knife and easily installed with a nailing machine, gun tucker, etc.
  • Allows for the passage of radio waves
    Doesn't affect radio, television, or mobile phone, as far as the site is in the relevant service area.
  • Improving air tightness of houses
    Highly airtight rooms can be realized when properly installed.

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