EXUM incorporates galvanized steel sheets, stainless steel sheets, and aluminum alloy sheets as a base material. EXUM is a polyester-based plastic film-laminated steel sheet manufactured by our multi-layer extrusion technology.

This material is primarily used in interior applications due to the combination of metal strength, workability, and design qualities.

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  • EXUM has a surface hardness higher than PVC film and polyolefin film.
    • Many options are available including solid colors, printed patterns, high-gloss options to satisfy various design requirements.
  • This material has excellent bending properties.
  • EXUM can have a vivid appearance with the mirror finish.



EXUM is utilized in various interior applications due to its beautiful appearance and excellent workability.

  • interior applications
    : Unit baths, elevators, etc.
  • Low-current devices
    : Refrigerators, etc.
  • Other
Unit baths

Manufacturing Scope and Order Conditions



A lot of 2.5 tons or more is required to order a product having the same specifications such as the same sheet thickness, width, color and embossing.

  • *Please order in lots of at least 2.5 tons as special request lots smaller than this will require an extra fee.



Specific test Test conditions Criteria EXUM
Adhesion Conformal Erichsen
6 mm extrusion
25±5°C No separation Nothing abnormal
Bendability Adhesion and bending test 25±5°C, 0 T No cracking, breakage,
and separation
Nothing abnormal
at low temperature
90° bend test 0±1°C, R=2 No cracking, breakage,
and separation
Nothing abnormal
Resistance to boiling water Dipping in boiling water Submerged in water for 5 minutes
after 60 minutes of immersion
No shrinkage, cracking, breakage, creasing, separation, and marked fading Nothing abnormal
Chemical resistance 5-minute immersion
10% hydrochloric acid No rust, stain, and marked fading Nothing abnormal
Saturated calcium hydroxide
10% sulfuric acid
Aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide (100 g/L)
Corrosion resistance Complies with salt spray test
JIS Z 2371
JIS K 6744
Type C: 1,000 hours
No rust Nothing abnormal
Self-extinguishability Gas burner heating for 20 seconds Extinguishes immediately Extinguishes immediately within 10 seconds
  1. *1 The data described above represents the specified values in our company and does not represent guaranteed values.
  2. *2 Please contact us to inquire on the certification of fire-resistant materials.

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