HISHIMETAL EX is a highly functional material produced by laminating various high-performance films on a metal sheet using the HISHIMETAL manufacturing techniques. It has new functionalities including reflectivity, insulation and sliding properties.

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  • Our blending, layering, and lamination technologies cultivated over many years enables us to accept custom orders and develop many different types of applications.
  • Film layers and metal layers are strongly laminated using specialized composite technologies, which enables this material to be processed in the same manner as normal metal sheets including bending, cutting, punching, press-forming, rolling, and other processes.
  • This material has the properties of various plastics and other properties of metal such as the strength, heat dissipation and electromagnetic shielding.



Functional examples Application examples Development concept Optimal plastic layer
Joining of dissimilar materials Automotive parts, electronic components, and home appliance Reduced number of components and simplified processes Special film
Insulation Electrical components, power boxes, and home appliance Reliability, heat resistance, and flame resistance PP,PBT,PET
Reflection Signboard, lighting, and light source modules Power reduction and reduction of uneven illuminance Special film
Chemical resistance Containers, battery materials, and experimental equipment Durability and high processability PP,PBT,PET
Slidability Various rail materials Grease replacement HDPE,UHMW-PE,PVDF
Battery modules (insulation)
Electronic equipment (joining of dissimilar materials)
Automotive interiors

Manufacturing Range and Order Conditions



Contact us to discuss the specification of metals and films for custom orders.

Lead times

The standard lead time for new orders/applications is approximately 90 days. The standard lead time for existing specifications is 45 days.



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