D671N (polyester phthalate) is a plasticizer that offers excellent oil resistance and non-migratory property, as well as low volatility.The substance has excellent gelation properties within plastisol and also offers good oil resistance and heat aging resistance.

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D671N (polyester phthalate) has superior workability, compared to polyester adipate, because it is a polyester plasticizer based on phthalic acid. It maintains a balance between viscosity stability and gelation properties in plastisol.


Chemical name Polyester phthalate
Other chemical name Phthalate oligomer
CAS number 132821-77-3
Existing chemical substance number in Japan 7-1000
Molecular formula Mixture
“Phthalic acid-alkylene (C = 2–8) glycol oligoester and products with the terminals modified with
alkanols (C = 6–13) or modified with alkanoic (or alkenoic) acids (C = 2–18) ”
Molecular weight Approximately 650
Pour point (°C) No data
Boiling point (°C) No data
Relative density (25/25°C) 1.062
Flash point (°C) 270
Ignition point (°C) No data
Water solubility (ppm) No data
Fire Service Act Designated combustibles (flammable liquids)
Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act Not applicable



D671N is a plasticizer suitable for use with soft vinyl chlorides, in general, and with plastisol.

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