D623N, which has a relatively high molecular weight for a member of the polyester adipate plasticizer product group, offers excellent heat-aging resistance, as well as oil resistance, low volatility, and non-migratory property.

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Plasticizers are required to have the following properties, among others: mixing well with resin and rubber materials (miscibility), providing the required flexibility with minimal application (plasticization efficiency), low propensity to volatilize into the air (low volatility), and lack of dissolving in water or migrating into other materials (low migratory property).
D623N excels, relative to other agents, in terms of oil resistance, heat-aging resistance, and non-migratory property.


Chemical name Polyester adipate
Other chemical name Adipate oligomer
CAS number 388567-03-1
Existing chemical substance number in Japan 7-999
Molecular formula Mixture
Molecular weight Approximately 1800
Pour point (°C) -12
Boiling point (°C) No data
Relative density (25/25°C) 1.090
Flash point (°C) 291
Ignition point (°C) No data
Water solubility (ppm) No data
Fire Service Act Designated combustibles (flammable liquids)
Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act Not applicable



D623N is suitable for use as a plasticizer in applications, such as sheaths for electrical wiring, gaskets, film sheets, hoses, and boots, in which low volatility, oil resistance, and non-migratory property are required.

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