D643 is a general-purpose polyester plasticizer that performs like other polyester plasticizers in terms of oil resistance, low volatility, non-migratory property, and so forth. It also offers a balance between cold resistance and plasticization efficiency.

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The polyester adipate product group offers excellent oil resistance and non-migratory property, as well as low volatility.
D643 is a general-purpose plasticizer that offers a balance between cold resistance and plasticization efficiency, in addition to featuring the aforementioned benefits.


Chemical name Polyester adipate
Other chemical name Adipate oligomer
CAS number 88650-54-8
Existing chemical substance number in Japan 7-999
Molecular formula Mixture (Refer to structural formula)
Molecular weight Approximately 1800
Structural formula RO(COACOOGO)xCOACOOR
A = adipic acid
G = glycol (C4)
R = alcohol  
Pour point (°C) -12
Boiling point (°C) No data
Relative density (25/25°C) 1.094
Flash point (°C, open cup) 291
Ignition point (°C) No data
Water solubility (g/100 g, 25°C) Insoluble
Fire Service Act Designated combustible (flammable liquids)
Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act Not applicable



D643 is suitable for use as a plasticizer in applications, such as sheaths for electrical wiring, gaskets, film sheets, hoses, and boots, in which low volatility, oil resistance, and non-migration are required.

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