D620 is a polyester adipate plasticizer with molecular weight of approximately 800.It has superior oil resistance, low volatility, and non-migratory property.D620 has low molecular weight for a member of the polyester adipate plasticizer product group, has good workability, and superior cold resistance.

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Polyester adipate plasticizer has superior oil resistance, low volatility, and non-migratory property. D620 has lowest viscosity in the polyester adipate product group, has good machinability, and superior cold resistance.


Chemical name Polyester adipate
English chemical name Adipate oligomer
CAS number 88650-57-1
Existing chemical number 7-999
Formula Mixture
Molecular weight Approx. 800
Flow point (°C) -31
Boiling point (°C) No data
Specific gravity (25/25°C) 1.034
Flash point (°C) 234
Ignition point (°C) No data
Aqueous solubility (ppm) No data
Fire Service Act Hazardous material, Class 4 Petroleum No. 4
Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law Not applicable



D620 is appropriate as a plasticizer for application that requires low volatility, oil resistance, non-migratory property, etc., such as electrical wire coating, gasket, film sheet, hose, boots, etc.

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