The Science & Innovation Center is in charge of the mid- and long-term R&D in the MCC Group. It also cooperates with seven R&D Centers which are in charge of short- and mid-term R&D to accelerate R&D, and promotes open innovation with users, academia, venture companies, etc. in and outside Japan.

Science & Innovation Center

①Organic Materials for Information and Electronics field

In the information and electronics field, we have developed products using photopolymer materials and functional pigments based on the catchphrase of “chemistry of light and color.”
Products include materials for displays including color resist, materials for printers including organic photoconductors and sublimation type thermal transfer pigments, and materials for optical recording media including CD-Rs and DVDs.

②Porous Materials


We handle substances including porous zeolite materials.
Zeolite is a generic term for aluminosilicate crystals that have regularly arranged pores. The pore diameter varies depending on the structure. These pores exhibit shape selectivity, ion exchange function, hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity, and solid acidity, which are the main features of zeolite.
In particular, we have been promoting development to deploy zeolites as environmental catalysts for purifying emissions of gas, water vapor adsorbents, and separation membranes using shape selectivity.

The Science & Innovation Center is responsible mainly for basic research in fields close to science. The center creates innovation while ensuring internal and external communication. It also serves as the core of Technology platforms (TPF).

Science & Innovation Center