GENOPAL is a revolutionary fiber-type DNA chip developed from the Company's vast array of cutting-edge technology. This DNA chip is appropriate for concentrating on specific gene sequences when obtaining reliable data from volume applications.

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  • Reproducibility
    We are able to utilize our unique manufacturing methods to produce chips of consistent quality. This ensures data obtained for analysis using multiple chips will be accurate and reproducible.
  • High sensitivity
    Capture probes are fixed to 3D gel spots in the hollow yarn, which enables a distribution of a large absolute number of capture probes.
  • Accuracy
    Capture probes are secured using polymer gel so that capture probes have a certain degree of freedom in molecular movability. This results in more effective hybridization reactions.



These chips are used to analyze mRNA expressions and oral bacterial flora.



Oral microflora chip

Chip type Analysis and application examples
Oral care chip
  • Verification of oral care item effects
  • Verification of periodontal treatment effects (research application)

mRNA Expression Analysis Chip

Chip type Analysis and application examples
Metabolic chip
  • Research on prevention of lifestyle-related diseases through food
  • Development of functional foods
  • Metabolic syndrome research on lipid metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism
Skin chip
  • Safety assessments of cosmetics materials and transdermal drugs
  • Research on skin aging phenomena such as age spots, wrinkles, and dryness

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