Development of plastic additives for polyolefin

In light of the trend toward advancing the functionality of polyolefin and elastomers, we have successfully developed a polyolefin processing agent by controlling polymer compatibility. For example, we have started offering P-1050, which improves the melt tension of polypropylene. This product is gaining popularity in the eco-electric wire industry.
We have also developed an additive that can improve filler dispersion and provide profile extrusion properties. This provides such functionality as form stabilization and appearance improvement during profile extrusion and dense filling of filler processes, torque reduction, and gum prevention. In addition to processing agents, we have also developed an anti-drip agent for flame-retardant polyolefin and successfully demonstrated a high flame-retardant effect by combining this agent with a non-halogen, phosphate-based flame retardant.
These additives should help advance the electric wire, household appliances, and automotive industries.

Development of Plastic Additives to Meet Environmental Demands

We are developing and selling environmentally friendly products to meet the current rise in global environmental demands.
For example, we have developed a fluidity improver to facilitate thin-wall molding in response to the need for weight reduction in automobiles.
We have started offering the W-600A impact-strengthening modifier that is listed as one of the plastics certified for use by the Japan Olefin and Styrene Plastics Association. This is one of our efforts to help develop the market for biomass plastics such as polylactic acid. We will be starting development of filaments for use with FDM method 3D printers.

Polylactic Acid (PLA) Applications

1. Effect of impact modifiers on PLA
2. Effect of impact modifiers on PLA/PMMA alloy

Development of Plastic Additives for epoxy resins (core-shell rubber, pre-gelating agent)

We are developing plastic additives with excellent dispersion properties to meet thermosetting requirements.
We have developed a core-shell rubber with excellent ion purity, dispersion, viscosity, and low elasticity properties to be used primarily with epoxy resin. We have also developed a pseudo B-stage pre-gelating agent by controlling the viscosity of epoxy resin before hardening.

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