We capitalize on our extensive experience in aluminum smelting to provide consistent quality of all processes from aluminum alloy casting and forming to the manufacture and sale of resin mold dies.
Manufacturing is our strength, and we are dedicated to providing high quality products that satisfy customer needs. We are constantly engaged in technological development, such as the development of specialized casting technologies to reduce variance in microstructures in aluminum ingots at a very precise level.


Aluminum Alloy Ingot Material

We provide casts in various forms in accordance with customer applications, including functional alloy compositions developed utilizing our material development technologies specific to different alloys as result of our experience with aluminum smelting.


  • DM Series Die Cast Alloys
  • DMS Series Die Cast High-thermal Conductivity Alloys

Aluminum Alloy for Cutting Processes

Aluminum Alloy for Cutting Processes is a cast material with extremely low distortion and so has excellent cutability. This results in properties not attainable with rolling processes, which opens possibilities for new markets.


  • KN500
    This product has extremely low process strain. This material is ideal for low-yield production of jigs, low-pressure molding dies (vacuum, blowing, and RIM), and injection moldings.
  • KN520
    This product has extremely low process strain. This material is ideal for FPD, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and jigs.
  • KN700
    This material has the same level of strength as zinc alloy while also having excellent toughness (elasticity). (often used in mass production of blow mold products such as gasoline tanks for automobiles)

Comparison of physical properties (typical values per internal testing)

  KN series
KN500 KN520 KN700
Tensile strength (N/mm2) 250 180 343
0.2% proof stress (N/mm2) 120 70 245
Elongation (%) 15 25 10
Hardness (HB) 65 45 100
Longitudinal elastic modulus (kN/mm2) 70.6 70.0 71.1
Specific gravity (Mg/m3) 2.7 2.7 2.8
Specific heat (J/kg,°C) 963 963 963
Thermal expansion coefficient (x10-6/°C) 24.2 23.8 23.6
Thermal conductivity (W/m,°C) 120 138 160

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