ZEBREX™ contributes to the optimization (efficiency improvement) of your plant. Not only is ZEBREX™ an energy-saving dehydration process by itself, it also makes it possible for us to offer optimization proposal for process as an integrated system with Distillation to maximize its efficiency. As it is a dehydration process, ZEBREX™ can be applied to bioethanol plants that use all sorts of raw materials.


Optimize your dehydration with ZEBREX


Meeting the needs of society
●Capacity expansion
◦Policy to increase the ratio of bioethanol in fuel
  e.g. E10 → E15.
●Energy saving
◦Enhanced energy saving regulations.
◦Policy to grant a premium to bioethanol produced
  with lower energy.


Customized solutions to your own process


ZEBREX can be customized according to the situation, purpose and budget of your plant. Even just “Add-on”
to your existing plant can achieve both energy saving and increasing capacity. With “Exclusive” or “Replace”, amount of energy saving gets more, and it is also expected to reduce the maintenance cost of mole sieves / PSA. Furthermore, in the case of “Green Field”, a new plant construction, the energy saving can be maximized by optimizing the process design of ZEBREX and Distillation as an integrated dehydration system ZEBREX  has a track record of more than 70 installations around the world.

It all starts with zeolite membrane


The core material / technology of ZEBREX is zeolite membrane. Water and ethanol are separated by zeolite membrane that has homogeneous pores. This dehydrating process is efficient because it is continuous and startup / shut-down is also quick. The plot plan of the ZEBREX dehydration UNIT can be arranged according to your circumstances.

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