MCI GEL™ packing materials for high performance liquid chromatography are synthetic polymer products for use as ion exchange resins, non-functional reverse-phase support, hydrophilic porous gels, etc. Particle size ranges from 4µm to more than 100µm. Quantities for analytical applications up to production-scale fractionation are available. We are prepared to supply materials such as ion exchange resins for glycoamino acid analysis, polymer adsorbent for reverse-phase chromatography, various column packings for protein separation, etc.

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MCI GEL™ synthetic polymer packing materials for high-performance liquid chromatography (filler for HPLC) are a  family of products including ion exchange resins, non-functional adsorbent support for reverse-phase chromatography, and hydrophilic porous gel materials, etc.

Wide Range of Particle Size Grades
Packing material suitable for many chromatography modes are available. Particle sizes range from 4µm for high-precision analytical applications to more than 100µm for production-scale separations. We are prepared to respond to all of our customers' needs from the analytical lab all the way to the production plant.

Chemically Stable, Highly Efficient

Polymer-based products are chemically stable. They are acid-proof and base-proof, so use over a broad pH range is possible. High resolution separations are obtained, and the packed column is stable for a long time, because the beads are perfect spheres and their size distribution is tight.

Stable Quality

MCI GEL™ column packing material consistently has excellent quality due to meticulous quality control in the manufacturing process.

Thorough Technical Support

The full-time staff has a wealth of experience to draw from in offering appropriate advice for various customer requests and trouble-shooting.



MCI GEL™ packing materials are used for HPLC analytical applications and fractionation.


Please use MCI GEL™ for chromatography column packing.
We also offer full columns with MCI™ GEL for sale.

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