BPDA (3,3',4,4'-Biphenyltetracarboxylic dianhydride) is a raw material for the polyimide resin component of one of the super-engineering plastics. It is used for many important information and electronic technology products such as mobile phones and copying machines.
CAS: No.2420-87-3(T)
EINECS: No.219-342-9
Japan Chemical Mfg. Reg.: No.4-833
Japan Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law: Not applicable
Fire Services Law: Not applicable




  • Minimal content of insoluble particles (foreign material).  (Japanese Patent No. 3625504)
  • High degree of whiteness
  • Low moisture content
Common Name BPDA
Chemical Name 3,3',4,4'-Biphenyltetracarboxylic dianhydride
Formula C16H6O6
Molecular Weight 294.2
Japan Chemical Mfg. Reg. No. 4-833
CAS No. 2420-87-3
Form and Color White to light yellow powder
Melting Point (℃) 299℃
Boiling Point (℃) 315 /400Pa



Monomer for Polyimide
Polyimide is used for heat-resistant plastic film, electronic circuits, middle transfer and fixing belts of copying machine and printer, color resist inks, etc.

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