Vonnel M.V.P is a short-cut acrylic (polyacrylonitrile-based) fiber used in papermaking and wet non-woven fabric applications. These fibers have excellent chemical resistance, hydrophilicity, lipophilicity, light resistance, and bulkiness. The lineup of products includes microfibers and split acrylic fiber for utilization in filter, cleaning products, and battery material applications.




  • Humid environments have minimal impact on strength and elasticity.
  • Split acrylic fiber C651 is physically split to produce pieces as small is 1 µm or less.
  • Sheet thickness is stable due to the uniform dispersion possible because of excellent initial dispersion properties.
  • Gaps can be adjusted by using microfibers and split acrylic fibers, which can help improve filter performance.



  • Filters
  • Cleaning products
  • Batter material
  • Functional paper
  • Non-woven fabric


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