Corebrid Thermocatch is a white, heat-generating, heat-retaining, and conductive fiber developed using our sheath-core spinning technology. This innovative acrylic fiber generates heat by converting sunlight into thermal energy, and also prevents static electricity from accumulating to reduce clinging and crackling sound.
Corebrid Thermocatch is a white fiber and so retains the ability of acrylic fiber to show color well. It is therefore and so this material is ideal for winter sportswear and casual wear.




Secret of Making Corebrid Thermocatch

Corebrid Thermocatch is made by blending multiple special material in a spinning solution. The function is semi-permanent and not affected by washing and wearing.

Cross-section of Corebrid Thermocatch fiber ①

Cross-section of Corebrid Thermocatch fiber ②

Secret of Corebrid Thermocatch's warmth and antistatic properties

Corebrid Thermocatch antistatic mechanism

The special material generates heat when its molecules vibrate in reaction to light exposure.
The conductive property of the special material reduces static electricity buildup. Static electricity is released instantly through corona discharge to reduce crackling sound, shocks, clinging and dust accumulation. It provides cleaner and more comfortable products for everyday life.

Effects of Corebrid Thermocatch

The material reaches its peak temperature 10-15 minutes after exposure to sunlight. The material returns to its original temperature approximately 10 minutes after it is removed from sunlight.

Although weather conditions are constantly changing, this material retains its effect even when slightly overcast. Its performance is reduced during rain or under thick cloud cover.
As with normal fabrics, exposure to wind reduces temperature. This can be alleviated by making the fabric more windproof.

  • Test method: Measure surface temperature of garment fitted to a mannequin outdoor
  • Samples: Corebrid Thermocatch 10%/Cotton 90%, 100% Cotton sweater
  • Test date: 13:30, January 7, 2012
  • Weather data: Sunny, no precipitation, 6.7°C, wind speed of 3.8 m/s, NNE direction
  • Testing institute: Unitika Garments Technology & Research Laboratories

Excellent Antistatic Property and Durability

Corebrid Thermocatch has superior antistatic properties to normal antistatic fibers due to the conductivity of the fiber. Its performance is not reduced in environments of low temperature or low humidity. The performance of Corebrid Thermocatch is compliant with the antistatic work clothing standards established by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Japan.



  • Clothing
    Sweaters, padding, down jackets, etc.
  • Interior goods
    : Brushes, cords, rope, carpets, non-woven fabric, etc.

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