Corebrid™ is an acrylic fiber produced by the world's only wet-spun, sheath-core composite spinning technology, which was developed by Mitsubishi Chemical.

This sheath-core fiber structure consists of core and sheath which enables different material combination to offer various functions. We are the first company to use such technology to produce this wet-spun fiber type.




World's Only Sheath-core Acrylic Fiber

The composite spinning process creates each fiber with a core-and-sheath component and enables fibers to have functions that is difficult to produce using typical technologies.

  • For example:

The core can be filled with a large quantity of functional materials (particles).

The core can be filled with different polymers.

Different functional materials can be kneaded into the core and sheath.

Possibility to Create high density fibers

Functional polymers can be more densely blended in a wet spinning process in comparison to the melt-spinning process, thus enables fibers with higher functionality.

Corebrid wet-spun acrylic fibers

Wet-spinning: Method used to spin acrylic fibers

Fibers are spun in water by dissolving polymers in a specific solvent.
Coagulation removes the solvent, and increases the density of polymers in fibers.

Melt-spinning of polyester, nylon, etc.

Melt-spinning: Method used to spin polyester fibers, etc.

Fibers are spun by cooling down the dissolved polymers, which means that the density of the added particles is the same as the density of particles in fibers.



  • Clothing
    Sweaters, padding, down jackets, etc.
  • Materials and interior goods
    Brushes, cords, rope, carpets, non-woven fabric, etc

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