VonnelTM is our company’s acrylic fiber brand and the main ingredient is acrylonitrile (AN). It has a soft and warm texture similar to cashmere and wool. It is used in sweaters, cut and sewn products, underwear, and socks. It is also used in non-clothing applications such as eco-fur, blankets, carpets, and non-woven fabric.




  • Light and warm fiber
  • Rich variation of fiber cross-sections

    Photos of modified cross sections

  • Shows color well with high degree of fastness
  • Fine fibers can be easily produced
  • Excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance, and washing resistance



  • Clothing (sweaters, cut and sewn products, underwear, socks , and padding etc.), eco-fur, and bedding (blankets and mattress covers etc.)
  • Carpets and mats
  • Non-woven fabric including filters, cleaning products, and cosmetics
  • Strings and rope


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