Less inorganic coagulant is needed with this agent to improve wastewater treatment efficiency.

This material also reduces the volume of sludge waste (solid matter) produced after treatment.

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We offer a full lineup of water-soluble polymers with low molecular weight for use in wastewater and sludge treatment applications.

  • Reduced usage of inorganic coagulant helps reduce the production of chemically derived sludge.
  • Minimal affect on wastewater pH eliminates the need for a neutralizing agent.
  • Larger turbid material removal capacity than inorganic coagulants helps improve quality of treated water.
  • This material can be combined with other water treatment chemicals such as inorganic coagulants and heavy metal scavengers.
  • Effect is further improved when combined with the Diafloc polymer flocculant.



  • Treatment of wastewater with high turbid material content
  • Treatment of colored wastewater
  • Treatment of oily wastewater



CHP Series This granule product is used to regulate the water solution. Melting and injecting equipment must be available to use this product.
CH Series This liquid product can be used undiluted or diluted. Injecting equipment must be available to use this product.




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