We offer a full lineup of water-soluble polymers with high molecular weight for use in wastewater treatment, sludge treatment, and water purification applications.

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  • This material has a large effective pH range.
  • Improves the cleanliness of treated water.



  • Purification of various types of industrial and residential wastewater
  • Concentration of sludge from various types of industrial and residential wastewater, dewatering, and volume reduction
  • Mine and quarry ore flotation
  • Purification of water



NP Series This polymer flocculant is not affected by pH levels and salts.
AP Series This anionic polymer flocculant is effective with sedimentation and flotation methods of flocculant separation. The effect is further improved when
this material is combined with inorganic coagulants.
KP Series This cationic polymer flocculant is effective in sludge concentration and dewatering processes.
KA Series This internally developed amphoteric polymer flocculant has excellent dewatering properties and effective against sludge that is difficult to treat
when combined with inorganic coagulants.
VP and VA Series We are the only company in the world developing and producing this polymer flocculant that has an amidine structure. This material is effect in
high organic sludge filtration and dewatering processes.




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