Characteristic and Advantages

  • New Yupo trial product for three dimension molding decoration
  • No need of adhesive unlike commonly used current decoration sheet.
  • Yupo itself can adhere to PP, AMS and PMMA by heat.
  • Yupo can be more environmentally friendly solution as it is not provided with a release-liner unlike pressure sensitive type of decoration sheet.
  • Yupo is even printable with digital printing.
  • Better appearance than thermal molding as Yupo can even follow three dimensional shape.

(TOM method sample)

(NATS method sample)

Applicable components

  • Under market research
  • Possibly suits for home appliances and furniture.

Proposal for the future

  • New Yupo decoration sheet (trial) contributes to the total cost reduction as it does not require release-liner unlike the others.
  • Yupo can contribute to achieve better appearance than thermal transfer molding.
  • It can provide customers with additional opportunities in home appliance industry as three dimensional decoration is getting familiar in not only car industry.

Yupo for Three Dimension Molding Decoration[PDF]650 KB)

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