Characteristic and Advantages

  • No need to stick label. YUPO IM-L process achieves molding and labeling at one time.
  • No wastage from release liner
  • Stronger label bonding strength to the bottle.
  • Yupo IM-L is applied in various industries.


Pressure Sensitive Label


Our proposal

In-Mold Label


*"YUPO" is a registered trademark of Yupo Corporation

Applicable components

  • Caution label for "TOYOTA, PRIUS & AQUA" reservoir tank
  • Product label for hair care bottles and for cup/lid of food containers.

Proposal for the future

  • Since Yupo IM-L can be fused with bottle during molding process, it eliminates post-labeling process such as Pressure Sensitive label and Shrink sleeves. This enables to achieve shorter lead-time and cost reduction in total production process of commercial products.
  • Yupo IM-L is more environmental friendly because it does not require a release-liner unlike PS label.
  • IM-L can contribute to reduce resin consumption for bottle as the label becomes a part of bottle.
    Example: Caution Label for "Prius/Aqua" reservoir tank
    ⇒60mm×37mm(label size)×0.14mm(label thickness)×0.9g/㎡(label density)×Sales amount(220,000/year) = 62kg reduction per year
  • IM-L can contribute to reduce CO2 emissions because it does not require such post-labeling process emitting certain amount of CO2.

Cost and Lead time reduction by Yupo In-Mold Label (IM-L)[PDF]490 KB)

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