Characteristics and Advantages

  • Acrymirror™ Half is an acrylic see-through mirror sheet having thickness-controlled aluminum layer.
  • It is the most suitable for protective coverings installed in front of information displays or indicators because it can provide various fascinating appearances to the displays by utilizing its reflective and see-through functions.
  • The product range consists of bright silver (aluminum) and dark silver (chromium) mirrors.
    Non-conductive metal mirrors are also available.

Application examples

The images are visible when the display unit (backlight) is turned on, while the sheet becomes a mirror when it is turned off.

Information display



Inner parts of the combination lamp

A schematic diagram for creating composite 3D image

Applied example of the 3D image
These materials are usable as a prompter.

Applicable components

  • Information display and indicator parts for automotive

Proposal for the future

  • New material for new design and display by looking ahead the age of electric vehicle and autonomous driving.

Acrymirror™ HALF:Semi-transparent (see-through) mirror[PDF]640 KB)

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