Characteristics and Advantages

  • Solution services of plastic products by comprehensive analysis
  • Morphological observation technology of polymers by TEM
  • Performance tests of polymer materials (Durability, flammability)

Rheological analysis

Viscoelastic properties of solid  (PP composite)
Melt viscosity

Morphological observation

TEM images
Dispersed structure of PP-block copolymer

Dispersed structure in polymer alloys

Durability test

Super-accelerated weather tester(SUV)

Weather meter UV irradiance
Sunlight (1 year
Equivalent( *1)
UV Fade Meter 366 228
Sunshine Weather Meter 78.5 1062
Xenon Weather Meter 180 63
Super UV Tester(SUV) 1000 83

*1 : Sunlight(300~400nm) for a year = 300MJ/m2

Creep test

Temperature 23℃~200 ℃
Stress 1~500kg
Test mode Tensile,Bending,Compression
Number of specimens n=6

FMVSS flammability test

Test standards
FMVSS No.302,
JIS D1201 etc.

  • We can provide consistent support from sample molding to evaluation for flammability test.
  • Heat aging treatment (aging treatment) before the test is also available.

Applicable components

  • R&D support and trouble shooting for new market of polymer materials

Proposal for the future

  • Our Analysis Services will support you at different stages of your polymer business from development to production.

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