Characteristics and Advantages

Providing of analysis services concerning VOCs and odors from automobile interior parts.

  • VOC test service by "ISO 17025" certified laboratory. (JASO M902, JASO M903)
  • Qualitative analysis of off-flavor components by sniffing GC /MS, etc.
Bag Method
Bag Method
2m3Chamber Method
2m3Chamber Method
Sniffing GC/MS

Providing of performance evaluation services for adsorbents and catalysts using various gases and vapors.


  • Instrument analysis: Ad/desorption isotherm/pore structure (gas adsorption/mercury injection), etc.
  • Breakthrough/Static test: Breakthrough curve, adsorption isotherm, decay / emission curve, PSA, etc.

《Usable gases and vapors》

  • Inert, flammable, toxic gases: H2, CO, NH3, rare gases, etc.
  • Vapors: water, methanol, toluene, aldehydes, siloxanes, etc.
High-precision gas / vapor adsorption measurement device image
High-precision gas / vapor adsorption measurement device

Hydrogen adsorption desorption isotherm

Applicable components

  • Various VOC tests can be performed.
  • Capable of evaluating adsorption / desorption characteristics and pore structures.

Proposal for the future

  • Improve the comfortness of cabin space.
  • Support research on gas storage and separation materials.

Analysis service for automotive interior parts, adsorbents and catalysts[PDF]605 KB)

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