Characteristics and Advantages

MOSMITE™ is a biomimetic material which imitates the moth eye strcuture. It has regularly organized hundred-nanometer scale bumps on the surface and realizes superior antireflective property.

  • Biomimetic material
  • Low reflection in the wide range from visible to near infrared light
  • Produced by UV nano-imprint process

SEM image of MOSMITE™ surface

A form of the product

Reflection spectrum of the surface

Applicable components

  • Touch sensor panel of car navigation

    Proposal for the future

    • Apply MOSMITE™ to automobile display especially curved display or multiple display to reduce internal reflection
    • Use MOSMITE™ for the dust cover of head-up display and LiDAR

Moth eye-type antireflective film MOSMITE™[PDF]597 KB)



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