Characteristic and Advantages

  • Yupo is made from Polypropylene and fillers. Yupo has excellent durability and has many unique function.
  • Because Yupo has "micro-void"(small air holes) in its structure, Yupo uses less plastic resin.
  • Outstanding technique of controlling micro-void enables to bring various additional functions such as "heat insulation", "heat-retention" and "light blocking".
  • Yupo Green is newly developed products contain biomass derived resin.
    It contributes to reduce CO2 emission as those biomass resin is made from plant absorbs CO2 in the air when photosynthesizing.

Comparison of use of resin between Yupo and other sheet

Comparison of plastic usage: 0.3mm thick products

Comparison of CO2 emission between Yupo green and other sheet

Comparison of CO2 emission at incineration (kg-CO2m2): 0.3mm thick products

Plastic usage reductionby formation of micro-void

Blend of plant-derived biomass plastic “YUPOGREEN”

CO2 absorbed by photosynthesis = CO2 emission by incineration ➡
CO2 emissions from incineration are counted as zero.

"YUPO" is a registered trademark of Yupo Corporation.

Applicable components

  • Menus, Posters, and Labels for Food product, Toiletries, Cosmetics and Household goods.
  • Yupo can apply various way which paper or film cannot.

Proposal for the future

  • Yupo has been developing functional and eco-friendly synthetic paper.
  • Microvoid structure in Yupo contributes to less resin use and CO2 emission.
    In addition, Yupo Green containing biomass plastic is on the market and we are going to carry development of "biodegradable synthetic paper" and "Recycling resin containing synthetic paper" forward.

Proposal for Environmental Loading Reduction by Yupo Synthetic Paper[PDF]708 KB)

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