Characteristics and Advantages

Eska™ is a plastic optical fiber that uses polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) as its core material.

  • Compare with metal wire (copper wire) communication.
    • High speed and large capacity communication
    • Provide stable communication for its features of resistance to electrical noises such as EMI and EMC.
    • Input / Output electrical Isolation.
    • Light weight (about one-fifth).
  • Compare with glass optical fiber.
    • Low cost
    • Easy assembly and installation.
    • Safe due to using visible light source.
    • Hard to break, communication is possible even if bent to a small diameter.
  • International Standard Compliant POF (Gigabit Ethernet and MOST-150)
    ISO/IEC/IEEE 8802-3:2017/FD, Amd 9, and ISO-21111-4

Applicable components

  • Used in over 200 European car models which equip MOST infotainment system.
    Contribution to the reducing weights of wire harness

Proposal for the future

  • In-vehicle communication using plastic optical fibers is expected as a communication medium compatible with the next-generation high speed operation.
  • By improving heat resistance performance, POF can be adopted in more places not only data com but lighting. This will accelerate weight reduction in car.

1 Gigabit Communication over SI-POF (Plastic Optical Fiber)[PDF]486 KB)



Plastic Molding Material Group, PMMA Department